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A quick word...


We use USPS Overnight (Priority Express) so we can offer the lowest shipping costs in the online coral frag industry.  All shipments of LPS coral are shipped signature required, we do this so they don't leave it outside without you knowing.

New shipments arriving

We receive shipments constantly, so check back often, you never know what you will find.

Simple DOA Policy

We hate technical policies like "Photos within an hour of receiving" or "24 hour guarantee"  If you aren't happy, lets figure out how to make it right. Simple as that.

How we do it so cheap

Magic mostly, and a little bit of smart design, and consideration for shipping, and volume.


Outside of our coral frag packs, everything is WYSIWYG.  We like WYSIWYG so much, we named ourselves after it.

Get it tomorrow

Orders before 10AM EST often ship same day, which means you get it tomorrow.  

Don't take our word for it

YouTube's Billy Pipes provides a review of our product.

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About Us

Online coral sales with quality and price in mind

We don't name our corals after drink flavors or super heros, and then charge 5x more for them.  We show you our inventory, and let you decide if you want it in your tank.  You can name it when you get it though.    How about "Peanut butter Berry Acan" or "Ninja turtle Zoa"

Our Customers Love Us

We work hard to keep cost down so you can enjoy your dream tank.  This hobby is expensive, but it doesn't have to be THAT expensive.  Coral Frags in our packs start at just $10 each!

Special Orders Available At Request

Looking for something specific?  We specialize in LPS coral, and can probably get what you want at a fraction of the cost.  Use the contact form below to drop us a line.


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