Shipping, We do it different

It starts with the coral

  Each coral frag is packaged in a separate small thick walled bag so they fit perfectly inside our custom sized mailers.

We use space age insulation

 WhatYouSea never ever marks up shipping, so we work hard to find the best and cheapest way to ship coral to you so we can save you money.

Through research, and general experience shipping, we found that our packages needed something more than the standard insulation in order to perform in smaller packages. We decided to move to Aerogel.

Aerogel is the best insulation that exists in the world. Even NASA uses it! It outperforms Styrofoam 5 times as thick.


Due to the expense of Aerogel, we ask our customers to use the included postage paid envelop to return the aerogel insulation to WhatYouSea. While this is unusual, it’s employed to allow us to continue to use smaller packages, and keep our shipping costs the lowest in the industry. Besides, unusual is what WhatYouSea is all about.

We use custom boxes

We had boxes designed that fit the USPS flat rate bags exactly, allowing us more room for product, without having to pay more for shipping. There’s a lot of value in a box designed to work with a cost-effective shipping option.

We use USPS overnight


Yes, USPS, and here’s why…

USPS offers a flat rate priority express option. This option is overnight, insured, and allows signature required.

WhatYouSea is absolutely committed to being completely open about shipping cost.


Here’s how it all breaks down...

$22.00 – Flat Rate shipping charge 

$2.00 – Packaging (materials required to package your coral like the box, bags etc)

$6.00 – Return postage on our super insulation

$30.00 – Total

As you can see we actually lose money on shipping, but that’s just fine with us. We would rather lose a little bit on shipping than over charge using giant boxes and expensive shipping methods. WhatYouSea wants buying coral from us to be fun, not expensive.

Finally, the Satisfaction Guarantee


We have a really simple philosophy about DOA, and customer satisfaction. Simply put, we will make it right. Whether it’s a refund, replacement, or credit. We will work with you, and come up with a solution that leaves you happy with WhatYouSea.

Sometimes things go bad, it’s in these times that the true measure of a company is clear.